racist liberals and democrats

So liberals like to pretend they are supporting black people and they want equality and free money and support for blacks because they were in slavery.

Now look at the democrats and there saying that Palin had sex with a black male —– how is that a bad thing? Exactly .. now you see that the democRATS are the racist ones truly.. by trying to attack Sarah Palin they have made themselves the racists that they are.

Stay tuned for more liberal LIES

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the difference

What’s the difference between a libtard and a conservative? its easy: education. time and time again when i talk to people it becomes clear that the reason we disagree is education.. they dont know the history or the facts.. ignorance is their excuse..

this blog will become a place to defeat this ignorance in local and tennessee politics.

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Hypocrites and Liars

I love how the obamites are all behind the lybia invasion.. nevermind that they all opposed the iraq intervention when it was Bush doing it.. I guess now it’s totally different, huh?


proof that the liberal left has no real moral or ethical stance and everything comes down to party..


I will be using this space in the future to expose the hypocricy and lying on the liberal left.

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